You can find tools for tractor when you are check with walker tractor or 4wheel tracotr in this site. Yet here is more. In this page alone, there is over one hundred of different model, so for quick review, please click the followings,
Cultivator for 2wheel walking tractor Series:1GS6L,1GS9L,1GS9LN,1GS11LN
Cultivator Series 1GN,1GNQ Cultivator Series:1GQN Cultivator Series:1GQQN
Cultivator Series:1G Cultivator Series:1GXLZ Power driven disc plough Series:1LYQ
Cultivator for fruit yard Series:1GG Hole Digger Series:1W
Cultivator &Seed planter Series:1G.B, 1GN.B, 1GQN.B
Cultivator,Planting and Fertilizing Machine Sereis: 1G.BF, 1GN.BF,1GQN.BF
Dither 1K series Paddy field plough Series:1BSQS, 1BSQN, 1BSQQN
Soil looser:1SQ series Soil enricher by mincing/cutting the stalk:1JQ series
Cultivating and ridging plough series: 1G.L, 1GN.L, 1GQN.L
Cultivaing and ridgeing pough for tobacco fields series:1GS.YL, 1GQN.YL
Stubble Eliminating Machine series:1DX, 1DN, 1DQN
Cultivating &Stubble eliminating machine series:1GF, 1GNF, 1GQNF
Double axile, cultivating, stubble eliminating, soil loosen, & ridging machine 1GQN
Cultivating,ridging and plastic covering machine series: 1G.LM, 1GN.LM

Description Series No. Model Needed
in Kw

in Hp


Cultivator for 2wheel
walking tractor




1GS6L 1GS6L-60 5.9kw 8hp see pic.
1GS9L 1GS9L-60 8.8-11kw 12-15hp see pic.
1GS9L-90 8.8-11kw 12-15hp
1GS9L-120 8.8-11kw 12-15hp see pic.
1GS9LN 1GS9LN-100 8.8-11kw 12-15hp see pic.
1GS9LN-120 8.8-11kw 12-15hp see pic.
1GS11LN 1GS11LN-120 8.8-11kw 12-15hp







1GN/1GNQ 1GN/1GNQ-100 11-13.2kw 15-18hp seepic.
1GN/1GNQ-115 11-13.2kw 15-18hp
1GN/1GNQ-125 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp
1GN/1GNQ130 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp
1GN/1GNQ-140 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN/1GNQ-150 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN/1GNQ-160 22.1-29.4kw 30-40hp
1GN/1GNQ-175 29.4-36.8kw 40-50hp






1GQN 1GQN-180 36.8-40.5kw 50-55hp see pic.
1GQN-200 40.5-55.2kw 55-75hp
1GQN-210 44.1-58.8kw 60-80hp
1GQN-220 44.1-58.8kw 60-80hp
1GQN-230 44.1-58.8kw 60-80hp
1GQN-240 47.8-58.8kw 65-80hp
1GQN-250 58.8-73.6kw 80-100hp
Cultivator 1GQQN 1GQQN-180 40.5-47.8kw 55-65hp see pic.
1GQQN-200 44.1-58.8kw 60-80hp
1GQQN-210 47.8-58.8kw 65-80hp
1GQQN-220 47.8-58.8kw 65-80hp
1GQQN-230 47.8-58.8kw 65-80hp
1GQQN-240 55.2-73.6kw 75-100hp
1GQQN-250 58.8-73.6kw 80-100hp
1GQQN-280 58.8-73.6kw 80-100hp
1GQQN-300 58.8-73.6kw 80-100hp
1GQQN-350 73.6- 117.7kw 100-160hp
Cultivator 1G 1G-90 8.8-12.5kw 12-17hp see pic.
1G-100 11-13.2kw 15-18hp
1G-125 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp
1G-140 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1G-150 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
Cultivator 1GXLZ 1GXLZ-80 8.8-11kw 12-15hp see pic.
1GXLZ-100 11-13.2kw 15-18hp
1GXLZ-120 11-13.2kw 15-18hp
Power driven disc
1LYQ 1LYQ-320 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp see pic.
1LYQ-422 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp see pic.
1LYQ-522 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1LYQ-622 22.5-29.4kw 30-40hp
1LYQ-722 36.8-40.5kw 50-55hp see pic.
1LYQ-822 44.1-58.8kw 60-80hp
1LYQ-922 47.8-58.8kw 65-80hp
Cultivator for fruit
1GG 1GG-125 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp see pic.
1GG-140 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GG-150 18.4-22.1kw 30hp
Hole digger 1W 1W-20 13.2-55.2kw 18-75hp see pic.
1W-30 13.2-55.2kw 18-75hp
1W-50 13.2-55.2kw 18-75hp
1W-60 13.2-55.2kw 18-75hp
1W-70 13.2-55.2kw 18-75hp
Cultivator and seed
1G.B 1G-100B(5) 11-13.2kw 15-18hp see pic.
1G-125B(6) 13.2-24.7kw 18-20hp
1G-140B(7) 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1G-150B(8) 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN.B 1GN-130(6) 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp see pic.
1GN-140B(7) 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN-150B(8) 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN-160B(9) 22.1-29.4kw 30-40hp
1GN-175B(10) 36.8-40.5kw 50-55hp
1GQN.B 1GQN-180B(10) 36.8-40.5kw 50-55hp see pic.
1GQN-200B(11) 40.5-55.2kw 55-75hp
1GQN-250B(14) 58.8-73.6kw 80-100hp
and Fertilizing Machine
1G.BF 1G-100BF(5) 11-13.2kw 15-18hp see pic.
1G-125BF(6) 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp
1G-140BF(7) 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1G-150BF(8) 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN.BF 1GN-130BF(6) 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp see pic.
1GN-140BF(7) 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp


18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp


22.1-29.4kw 30-40hp
1GN-175BF(10) 36.8-40.5kw 50-55hp
1GQN.BF 1GQN-180BF(10) 36.8-40.5kw 50-55hp see pic.
1GQN-200BF(11) 40.5-55.2kw 55-75hp
1GQN-250BF(14) 58.8-73.6kw 80-100hp
Ditcher 1KS 1KS-30-12 8.8kw 12hp  
1KZ 1KZ-30-15 8.8-11kw 12-15hp see pic.
1K 1K-30-20 13.2-22.1kw 18-30hp see pic.
1K-30-25 14.7-22.1kw 20-30hp
1K-40-35 36.8kw 50hp
1K(2) 1K-20-30(2) 36.8-47.8kw 50-65hp see pic.
Paddy field plough 1BSQS 1BSQS-60 3.7-8.8kw 5-12hp see pic.
1BSQS-90 5.9-8.8kw 8-12hp
1BSQS-100 8.8-11kw 12-15hp
1BSQN 1BSQN-120 8.8-11kw 12-15hp see pic.
1BSQN-140 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp
1BSQN-160 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp
1BSQN-180 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1BSQN-200 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1BSQQN 1BSQQN-230 22.1-29.4kw 30-40hp see pic.
1BSQQN-250 29.4-36.8kw 40-50hp
Deep soil looser,
full directions
1SQ 1SQ-127 11-18.4kw 15-25hp  
1SQ-140 36.8kw 50hp see pic.
1SQ-235 36.8kw 50hp
1SQ-240 40.5-47.8kw 55-65hp
1SQ-250 55.2-73.6kw 75-100hp see pic.
1SQ-250G 55.2-73.6kw 75-100hp
1SQ-340 55.2-73.6kw 75-100hp see pic.
1SQ-350 73.2-88.3kw 100-120hp
Soil enricher by mincing/cutting the stalk 1JQ 1JQ-100(C/D) 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp see pic.
1JQ-150(C/D) 36.8-47.8kw 50-65hp
1JQ-180(C/D) 47.8-58.8kw 65-80hp
1JQ-200(C/D) 58.8-73.6kw 80-100hp
Cultivating and ridging plough 1G.L 1G-125L 13.2kw 18hp
1G-140L 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1G-150L 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN.L 1GN-130L 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp see pic.
1GN-140L 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN-150L 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN-160L 22.1-29.4kw 30-40hp


36.8-40.5kw 50-55hp see pic.
1GQN-200L 40.5-55.2kw 55-75hp
1GQN-210L 44.1-58.8kw 60-80hp
1GQN-220L 44.1-58.80kw 60-80hp
1GQN-230L 44.1-58.8kw 60-80hp
1GQN-240L 47.8-58.8kw 65-80hp
1GQN-250L 58.8-73.6kw 80-100hp
Cultivaing and ridgeing pough for tobacco fields 1GS.YL 1GS9LN-100YL 8.8kw 12hp see pic.
1GQN.YL series with most tractor see pic.
Stubble Eliminating Machine 1DX 1DX-2 8.8kw 12hp see pic.
1DN 1DN-4 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1DQN 1DQN-6 36.8kw 50hp
Cultivating &Stubble
eliminating machine
1GF 1GF-100 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp see pic.
1GF-125 14.7-18.4kw 20-25hp
1GF-150 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GNF 1GNF-160 29.4-36.8kw 40-50hp
1GQNF 1GQNF-180 36.8-47.8kw 50-65hp
1GQNF-200 44.1-58.8kw 60-80hp
Double axile,
cultivating, stubble
eliminating, soil loosen, & ridging machine
1GQN 1GQN-180D(3)
36.8-47.8kw 50-65hp see pic.
55.2-58.8kw 75-80hp
and plastic covering
1G.LM 1G-125LM 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp see pic.
1G-140(2)LM 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN.LM 1GN-130LM 13.2-14.7kw 18-20hp
1GN-140(2)LM 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp
1GN-150(2)LM 18.4-22.1kw 25-30hp